Day 1 – Visiting schools with the African Revival Charity

Kolundu is one of the schools we have already funded with a new playground and latrines. There is a picture of us painting the playground. Last year in the spring holidays, we (my family) went to Kolundu before it was funded and the children are now much happier and alert.


Me taking a penalty at the first Zambian school, Kolundu, which won our team the match.    The first one was against the school’s junior team and the other against the seniors. Both matches ended in a draw, the first game 0-0 ,the second 1-1.We won both matches on penalties. I was on the team with a lot of slow adults who didn’t score until the pens.

This is the second school we went to.  It had a classroom very different from ours. How does it compare to our classroom?

The children were very excited about the balloons, sweets and footballs we gave them, as well as a bag of various things they needed.

Today (Sunday), we are going to see a third division Zambian football team made up mostly of orphans.  On Monday, we are visiting more schools.  I’ll send you more info soon.

Written by Sonny Brendon.

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