On Sunday, we went to a Zambian third division football match, Livingston Young Boys, made mostly of orphans, vs Monze united who scored a goal from the half way line. We supplied the young boys with new kit and hoping to supply them with a better pitch (they are playing on an extremely bobbly pitch in a secondary school,) a new bus. The team can’t get to some away matches because they are too far away and they can’t afford the public transport.  They then drop points and get fined for missing the match.

If the Young Boys win, they get 20 kwacha, which is about £1.50, if they draw, they get 10 kwacha and if they lose, they get nothing. Although the team drew 2-2 we donated 2000 kwacha so the players could get paid for the next few games.

They train 5 times a week and the players are between 15 and 23 years old.  The club has an under 12, under 14, a girls team and the senior team who are amazing.  Violence and drinking has really reduced in the local villages since the team started playing three years ago.  We think Chelsea would lose if they played against The Young Boys on their home pitch.

Written By Sonny Brendon.

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