3 Schools with The Butterfly Tree

The Butterfly Tree is a charity which helps schools in Zambia build the classrooms and get the equipment that they need.  The first school we went to was called Simsumuku and had already been funded by Attraction Tickets Direct with new classroom blocks, latrines and a teacher’s house.  We liked to see the improvement from the old ones.  This school was very remote and had never had any visitors before or ever seen a white face or blonde hair.  The children were quite shocked, amazed and frightened.  We gave out sweets but the children didn’t know what they were.

I answered some of their maths questions and we showed them where Zambia was on a world map.

Then, we played 5-a-side football and lost badly against some ten-year-olds who were really fast and skillful.  I think they would beat Hornsby House even playing bare footed.  How do you think these Zambian children know how to play football if they’ve never seen a game on TV, have no power or internet or even been coached?

One and a half hours later, we arrived at the second school of the day – Buswanga and got thrashed at football again by the under-10 team.  This school had a partly built classroom block that ATD have funded.

The old school block had a thatched roof and no walls.  It was like sitting under a big umbrella.


The children welcomed us by singing the Zambian national anthem to us in Tongan and English even though they don’t speak English.  The children at this school were very excited to see us.

The last school we went to, we hadn’t funded but wasn’t in desperate need. I helped put up some posters in the last school and unfortunately, the pupils were at a funeral so we didn’t get to see them.

This was the last full day in Zambia and I will look back on this trip as one of the best ever.

Written By Sonny Brendon.

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