We believe that using football as a tool for development is an immensely powerful way to change the lives of people all around the world.

In particular, football is a great way to engage with young people from all sorts of backgrounds. This creates a great platform for promoting health, education, gender equality and character development whilst providing opportunities to fulfill these young people’s dreams.

The ATD Foundation is committed to supporting sports charities in Zambia by improving facilities, providing opportunities and building communities.

Sport has the power to inspire and unite people. In Africa, soccer enjoys great popularity and has a particular place in the hearts of people.

Sport has been recognised as an enabler of sustainable development and its contribution has been vital in the promotion of peace, tolerance and respect. Some are the key benefits are:

  • Promotion of general health
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved self confidence and social integration
  • Strengthened child and youth development
  • Provides a safe and secure environment
  • Keeps children occupied and away from engaging in drugs or crime
  • Gives children an opportunity to a professional pathway
  • Character development
  • Empowers, motivates and inspires


Sport can develop transferable skills and toolkits which play a key role in a self-reliant and sustainable life and lead to income-generating activities and economic participation. It can advocate for ending poverty as well as generate funds and facilitate partnerships for this goal.

Since 2017 we have formed a strong partnership with Livingstone Youth Football Academy in Zambia. You can read more about this on our partnerships page by clicking here.